Recent event: Walk Like a Refugee’s 24hr Telethon: Go Big & Stay Home

** Recent event held May 30, 2020. This was the event information. We raised approximately $8,000. Updates to come! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who participated. xoxo

Donation links here!

We can’t go on a long walk to raise funds for private refugee sponsorships this year so join the Walk Like a Refugee crew for 24 hours of straight streaming. We’ll be on for 24 hours talking and streaming, singing and dancing, and featuring some of Canada’s GREATEST talent giving their time for the cause! Music! Comedy! Dancers! Burlesque! An air drummer! Puppets! Bagpipes!! Cocktail making and cooking demonstrations! This is some serious awesomeness right here.

You’ll find the live stream at:

All funds will go towards the sponsorship of Martin & Mary, a Congolese couple living in a camp in Uganda. More to come about them. Full program/schedule also coming soon.

Tune in for an hour. Tune in for 5 minutes TUNE IN FOR 24 HOURS. We’ll be there.


Stand-up Comic, Actor and CBC Radio host, Ali Hassan!
Sloan’s Chris Murphy!
Communism’s Don Kerr!
Tanya Cheex of Skin Tight Outta Sight!
Soul Chef, Joe Friday!
Violist, Pemi Paull!
Singer-Songwriter, Joanne Morra!
Singer-Songwriter, Amanda Martinez!
Singer-Guitarist- Kelsey Roy!
Puppeteer, Jamie Shannon!
Bellydance Artist, Abigail!
Mixologist, Chantelle Gabino!
Award winning playwright, spoken word artist, musical saw player and Haiku Deathmaster (no, but, seriously) Charlie Petch!
Singer-Songwriter, Mary Milne!
Sword Swallower, Red Lowe!
Interdisciplinary artist, Evan Tyler!
Seven year old Annika dancing jazz!
Aaaaand more!

Also featuring interviews and chats with people who have lived the refugee experience, including the only known asylum seeker to be resettled in a third country after successfully escaping from Australia’s Manus Island Prison (officially known as an “offshore detention system”)

We’ll laugh. We’ll cry. We’ll stare at the screen. David Jager will play the piano! Help us change lives.

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