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For Private Refugee Sponsorships

There are 70 million displaced people in the world, 25 million of whom are refugees. We’re helping one person at a time. 


Our family has taken up the hobby of raising monarch butterflies. It’s a way to connect with nature and learn about science and bugs. And we have read that it’s also a way of helping Monarch populations, as their numbers are declining and they are vulnerable in the wild.

We thought we would create a book on monarch raising and sell downloads in exchange for donations of $35. You can learn about our efforts, where your donations go, and who we are currently working to sponsor on the homepage of this site.

I think there is a parallel to be drawn between these beautiful, at risk, creatures, who may travel more than 4,000 km on their annual migration to Mexico,* and the world’s more than 80 million displaced and at risk people, forced to travel hundreds or thousands of kilometres to safety….

current fundraisers

baby copy
Congolese family - living under threat

A couple from different ethnic backgrounds faces daily threats and harassment. Their dream is to live a peaceful life with their children.

Basel - young Syrian abandoned

Driven underground, this young Syrian man lives under the stairs in a store in Lebanon, waiting to come to Canada. Help us help him.

about the global refugee crisis

The world is facing an unprecedented refugee crisis. How much do you know about this crisis and these people?

We have funded several private refugee sponsorships.

Every day, people in countries ravaged by war and disaster leave their homes, and never go back. Many walk for days or weeks in search of safety.

Walk Like a Refugee recreates that experience on a small scale

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