135 km in six days. A look back at Walk Like A Refugee 2016

Originally published October 7, 2016 – a couple of dead links in here. I’ll deal with them later.

From October 1 – 6 2016 my family walked 135 km from our house in Toronto to Niagara Falls to raise funds for two refugees stranded in the UAE. Find out everything you need to know about the what and why of this crazy long walk, click here.

It was an amazing and exhausting experience and I would totally do it again. We had a fantastic (and also terrible) time and collected a lot of donations, making it over halfway to our goal of $21,200 (the required amount to file applications for sponsorship). But we still have yet to meet that goal, and are still taking donations, so please donate here (LINK NO LONGER ACTIVE)

We want to share a few highlights from the journey so you can feel like you also walked 135 km. Enjoy! Then go put your feet up. You deserve it.

Leaving on Saturday morning, all bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Oh yeah? Sez YOU! Heading out of Toronto…

Found this cool coffee shop in Etobicoke a couple of hours in. They sell coffee AND sweet smelling soapy things. I don’t know how to use a phone camera.

Arriving at Port Credit, about 20 KM in. Still bushy tailed.

And then we got lost and it was raining and things were getting less fun.

That night in Oakville. Decidedly less bright eyed and I think I lost my tail somewhere on the way.

Getting ready to go the next morning. Feeling better!

Heading out again a little bit later in the rain. Go team.

Then my feet were hurting. I mean really effing hurting. Whose stupid idea was this walk anyway? FML.

Lighting the Rosh Hashana candles. (Pro tip: if you tilt your phone on Facebook Live video it goes sideways. It took us a while to figure this out. [Like, too long.] Good yom tov y’all. It’s 5777. (I make that joke about writing the wrong jewish year on all my cheques EVERY YEAR. Also, I stole it from Letterman.)

Our friend Terry, who was driving us to meet us each day, brought us some much needed supplies for blisters and *ahem* chafing. Yowch.



This is where my calf seized up. David was fine. Life isn’t fair.

But later in the afternoon things were nice.

The next morning.

Leaving on Day 4.

There was about 20 km of this. It was kind of scary.

Some pictures.

We stayed with friends in St. Catharines but for some reason didn’t think to get any pictures of them! Thanks for the hospitality Rebecca, Scott, and Sol. But we did get pictures of Kismet bandaging her foot to be just like mommy!

Update from St Catharines.


But then we wound up on this longass dirt trail in a Stephen King novel and I was scared of cannibals and clowns and gypsy women with pies. Then the exit was chained off and we were like WTF? Is Cujo going to come at us when we go under it? But he didn’t. Also, Stephen King did a LOT of drugs.

When we got to the hotel I didn’t know what to do about this so I asked the internets. I wound up draining it and it was OK.

Leaving for the last day. Only 12 or 15 or so more KM to go!


And then we thought David couldn’t go on! Oh noes!

And we made it. 135 km. On the Hornblower at Niagara Falls with a rainbow beside us. We’re so proud of our little one for not losing her shit over six days on walking. We didn’t make our fundraising goal yet, and are still taking donations at https://fundrazr.com/c19ub2?ref=ab_85tDN7.

The end.

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